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You work hard so that you can enjoy the best life possible. But how secure is your future? Are you at risk of being treated unfairly or even fired unjustly from your job?

Do you have any guarantees from your boss?  And, if promises have been made to you, do you have them in writing?

Think about this:

  • Your auto loan is a contract

  • Your auto insurance is a contract

  • Your mortgage is a contract

  • Your life insurance is a contract

  • Your child’s student loan is a contract

  • All of your utilities are governed by a contract

  • Your apartment is under a contract

But what pays for all of this?


Your job is your livelihood. If you are not in a union, it’s the one thing that is not guaranteed by a contract.

A UNION CONTRACT is the only thing that can protect you from having your employer change your benefits, wages, or other terms of employment.


...are the most important things in my life; membership in HHWA, IUJAT protects both.”

In today’s economy, doing a good job isn’t always enough. 

When you work under an HHWA contract, all conditions of employment are clearly laid out. These contracts are legally binding and protect your job, wages, and benefits. And like any legal contract, you have a written guarantee that is enforceable in a court of law. 

HHWA represents over 30,000 workers like you. They have respect and fairness on the job. They have excellent working conditions and professional representation. They have top-notch medical, dental, vision, and retirement benefits. 

Don’t you want the same for yourself and the people you care most about? 


Higher Wages

HHWA members enjoy wages and benefits that surpass all industry standards. Salary surveys demonstrate that union workers earn substantially more than their non-union peers (up to 30% more). And, with the experience of HHWA’s representatives you are sure to make impressive gains at the negotiating table.

Better Benefits

Membership in HHWA can provide you with numerous additional benefits that will protect you and your family and enhance the quality of your life:

HHWA members are guaranteed to have a say about their working conditions.

Fairness on the Job

Are you always treated with the respect you deserve? Can you afford to be at the whim of your manager? If you answered “no” to either of these questions, a contract with HHWA can improve your position. We can negotiate contracts that ensure fairness on the job. 

Job Security

A union contract will defend you against unfair layoffs or discharges. HHWA will be there to represent your interests in any situation in which your contract is being violated. This gives you the security of knowing that your job is protected. 

Effective Representation

Your representative will be available to you whenever you have questions or need a spokesperson for your rights. HHWA has the strength, experience, and respect to provide you with the best contract possible.

Grievance Procedure

A union contract provides you with a forum in which you can dispute company practices that adversely affect your job.

If you want…

  • Higher Wages

  • Better Benefits

  • Job Security

  • Fairness on the Job

  • Secure Retirement

call the HHWA today!

All calls to the HHWA remain confidential.

Your right to join the HHWA is protected by Federal law.

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